The Linguistic Parlour Game.

Prepare to tear your friendships apart and create tense family gatherings as you battle it out for linguistic supremacy. Get it now.
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Gotcha is a game for everyone

Play with your friends, your family, or even Karen from Finance. Create your game, get assigned your mission and kick fools to the kerb with your cutting conversational skills to become a Gotcha! champion.


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It can be a bit confusing at first. Read the rules and FAQs for help. If you're as thick as two short planks, message us on social media, we'll be happy to spell it out for you.

Gotcha! is a game that can be played with as many people as you want, anywhere that takes your fancy. You don’t need any special equipment, just a suspicious nature, a quick mind, and friendships that you’re willing to sacrifice for a game with no high scores or prizes.

To start you pick a difficulty level, choose a theme, and tell us who your players are. The app will then create a game for you and your group by assigning each player a mission. That mission will consist of a word and another player in your game and will be secretly revealed to you in the app or via an email (your choice).

Your goal is to get your player to say your word in everyday conversation. When you succeed you can shout Gotcha! at them and that person is out of the game.

The eliminated person will then take you to a private locale to tell you who their mark was and what their word was. You then take on their mission as you try to knock more people out of the competition. This process continues until eventually, only two will remain as you battle it out for linguistic supremacy.

Let’s say Tom, Dick, and Harry are all playing a game of Gotcha.

  • Tom’s mission is: Dick and the word Lemon,
  • Dick’s mission is: Harry and the word Tongue,
  • and Harry’s mission is: Tom and the word Arrow.

Now that they have their words the game can begin.

Dick is talking to Harry:

Dick: Ah I just can’t think of the right word it’s on the tip of my…mouth…

Harry: Do you mean Tongue?


Harry: Ah you dick!

Dick: Don’t use my name in vain thanks mate…

Now Harry is eliminated and he takes Dick aside to explain that his mission was Tom and the word Arrow. So now Dick is now trying to get Tom to say Arrow, at the same time Tom is trying to get Dick to say Lemon. In the meantime, Harry has opened another beer and enjoys watching his friends steer conversations in bizarre directions in pursuit of a Gotcha!

Q. How long does a game take?

A. It can take half an hour or two weeks! It all depends on how creative and chatty you’re feeling. If someone dies you could be stuck in a game for eternity.


Q. How much can I lead a conversation?

A. You can lead someone to the word like, “Hey Harry do you want a lime or a lemon in your drink?” if your word is Lemon…but remember, if you’re too obvious and they spot you coming they can figure out what the word is and you will have a really hard time tricking them into saying it.


Q. What happens when I get eliminated?

A. Your game might be over but you can still play vicariously through everyone else. The other players can reveal their missions to you if they want and you can sit back and enjoy watching them try to take down their opponents.


Q. Can I form an alliance when I’m out of the game?

A.  Maybe you’re getting bored watching the game take so long and your competitive nature is starting to get the best of you. Well, butt out! You need to let the players still in the game make their own take-downs. No ganging up allowed.